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Industry Leadership

By Gal Almog

Conventional wisdom is … well, conventional.  There’s not much original to it.  And, rising to the top in the online employment services industry requires something more.  Gal Almog, the founder and Group President of RealMatch, offers his unvarnished views on where the industry is today and where it will likely be down the road.

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How Can Recruitment Advertising Be More Like Regular Advertising?

By Gal Almog, Founder & Group President RealMatch

My cousin wanted to advertise a new snack that his startup company had just developed. He figured out the best target audience for his a product. He then found several websites that seemed to have similar audiences. He called these sites and negotiated campaign rates. Finally, he sent the selected websites one ad that he believed would generate the best…

“It’s a Vegas Pub Crawl, Bay-Bee!”

So, you’ve put it off until now.  You’re just not sure whether it’s worth the trip and the time out of the office to attend the IAEWS Fall Congress.

Fair enough – let’s do the analysis.  Your investment is two days, maybe three with travel.  The return on your investment?  It’s awesome!

•    You’ll hear Mark Stoever, COO of Monster Worldwide…

Board Blogs: Personal Commentary and Comments

Career Advice - Financial and Insurance jobs in Malta and beyond

So, you're looking for a financial or insurance job in Malta or beyond? Read on: 

To get a graduate job in financial services you need to convince recruiters that you have the skills to do the job well. But which of your skills should you be making a big deal of in your applications and interviews?

To make a good and…

Job in Marketing in Malta and beyond

Career Advice on how to get a great Marketing Job in Malta and beyond

The following is the career advice that the team at Findmeagoodjob has gathered from key experts in various sectors

Passion for your job trumps all else. Passion is infectious. I've always been curious about those who mope around complaining about their jobs. If you don't love what you are doing, find something that…

Jobs in Malta - using career sites

In theory, nothing could be simpler than applying for a vacancy via a job board. You can browse thousands of great opportunities from the comfort of your home. When you spot a good match, it's just a case of sending off your CV. Or is it? The Findmeagoodjob.com team have conducted some research in the local job market in Malta.

But with competition so fierce for jobs in Malta, employers are…



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The .Org Board

By Jennifer Baker

Association career centers face both formidable challenges and extraordinary opportunities thanks to the unique culture and values of the .org community. And yet, it’s never been more important to optimize their Member value and non-dues revenue potential.  In a column brought to you by Boxwood Technology, Jennifer Baker, Director of CareerHQ.org from ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, explores what it takes for career centers to overcome the challenges and capture the opportunities.

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