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Industry Leadership

By Gal Almog

Conventional wisdom is … well, conventional.  There’s not much original to it.  And, rising to the top in the online employment services industry requires something more.  Gal Almog, the founder and Group President of RealMatch, offers his unvarnished views on where the industry is today and where it will likely be down the road.

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Board Biz Daily: New Insights & Opinions Every Day

2016 ReSI Nomination Forms Now Available

Nomination forms for the 2016 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards are now available.

Your organization can be nominated for:
•    Innovator of the Year: Talent Acquisition Partner
•    Innovator of the Year: Talent Acquisition Partner
•    Innovator of the Year: Niche Employment Site
•    Innovator of the Year: General Employment…

Will They Come (to Your Career Center)?

By Teiko Nana- Adjoa P. Akufo, Director NSBE

I recently watched a YouTube video which was entitled "If you Build a Job Board They Will Post Jobs". The premise of the entire video was centered on the idea that job boards are a way to make easy money.

The moderator in the video discusses how he built a few job boards and with…

Board Blogs: Personal Commentary and Comments

Why Recruitment Is A Seasonal Affair

The world of recruitment doesn’t always move to a steady rhythm. Whilst at some points in the year companies will be looking to snap up as many new candidates as they can, at other times they may be filling positions at an almost glacial rate. Either way, you can begin to get a sense of how this might affect your job board.


By collecting…

Knowing the Right Approach to Reject a Job Offer

It is very natural for job seekers to get overwhelmed on receiving offer letters from employers. For candidates who are about to kick start their professional life, the situation is similar to being on cloud nine. They have been waiting for this and finally they are experiencing this proud and much awaited moment.…

WEDDLE's Confidential Research Bulletin

There are several excellent newsletters that summarize the news in the talent acquisition solutions industry.  Only one, however, offers in-depth analysis of what the news means to businesses in the industry: WEDDLE's Research Bulletin.

WEDDLE’s Research Bulletin is a private, monthly publication that aggregates the latest developments in the talent acquisition solutions industry and curates the key announcements and trends to tease out their hidden implications for…




Here's your chance to sound off on the key issues, ideas and innovations affecting job boards and other employment sites.  Every other week, we'll post a new topic and set up the soapbox.  That's your invitation to step up and let your industry colleagues know what you think.

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What can be done to help the TA function command a bigger slice of the corporate HR budget?

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The .Org Board

By Jennifer Baker

Association career centers face both formidable challenges and extraordinary opportunities thanks to the unique culture and values of the .org community. And yet, it’s never been more important to optimize their Member value and non-dues revenue potential.  In a column brought to you by YM Careers, Jennifer Baker, Director of CareerHQ.org from ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, explores what it takes for career centers to overcome the challenges and capture the opportunities.

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