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Jobboarders.com is a professional community for those working in the online employment services industry.  Operated by the International Association of Employment Web Sites, it offers daily articles and biweekly columns written by thought leaders on key topics related to the operation, products and services, management and business success of job boards and other employment sites.


Leading the Pack

By David Lewis, AllCountyJobs.com


There are plenty of folks writing about best practices in management, but few who cover leadership, and no one but David Lewis tackles leadership in the online employment services industry.  Drawing on his experience as the CEO of both a job board – AllCountyJobs.com – and a human resource consulting firm – OperationsInc.com, David will post a biweekly column that explores the issues and dissects the challenges of leading a job board or other employment site in today’s demanding economic environment.

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The Tool Guy

By Dean Da Costa, Lockheed Martin

There is a large and growing number of online recruitment-related apps, software products, systems and services, and nobody knows them better than Dean Da Costa.  A recruiter for Lockheed Martin and the author of one of the Top 25 Must Read Blogs for Recruiters, he is widely regarded as the leading authority on tools being used by job boards and other employment sites as well as their customers.  His biweekly column will review the best for sourcing, screening, candidate communication and management, and more.

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The .Org Board

By Jennifer Baker, ASAE CareerHQ

Thousands of professional societies and associations now operate online career centers and job boards.  While many of the best practices for their management and operation are the same as those for commercial employment sites, the unique culture and values of the .org community create a distinctive set of challenges and opportunities.  Jennifer Baker, the Director of CareerHQ at the American Society of Association Executives will pen a biweekly column focused on how best to optimize the member service and non-dues revenue of an association job board.


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The Most Hated Term in the Job Market

Amidst all the chatter about this new technology or that new functionality, it’s all too easy – but extremely dangerous – to overlook the one aspect of your site that most determines its appeal: Words.  And, while many employment sites now feature an engaging vocabulary, they continue to rely on a term that is anathema to the very talent that establishes their business.

Words have meaning, of course – they convey information – but they also elicit responses – they touch nerves –…

Board Blogs: Personal Commentary and Comments

Job board myths: truth or fiction...and what to do about them

First, something happens – something unusual or notable, something that prompts a person to file it away in their memory. Next, the person tells a story about what happened. Perhaps they exaggerate or embellish – whatever is needed to make it a good story and engage their audience. Perhaps the story is interesting enough that some of the listeners retell it to their friends. Pretty soon, you have a myth.…

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Agency Acumen

By Cindy Songne, Simply Hired

Recruitment advertising agencies remain a valued partner of many corporate recruiting teams and continue to play a significant role in the development and implementation of their sourcing and recruiting strategy. Cindy Songne, Senior Director Agency Relations at Simply Hired, has served as the liaison between job boards and these agencies for many years. Her biweekly column will explain the role, practices and business model of agencies and the best approaches to developing a sound business relationship with them.

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Dissecting Big Data

By David Bernstein, eQuest

While metrics and analytics have always played a role in recruitment, it wasn’t until the advent of Big Data that recruiters and employment sites began to consider how best to acquire and exploit the huge volume of data now available.  David Bernstein, Vice President of the Data Analytics Division at eQuest, has been at the forefront in thinking through these issues.  His biweekly column will examine emerging opportunities and best practices for leveraging Big Data to make decisions and take actions that are better informed.

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