How many of you have your board supplying postings to Indeed? We are currently evaluating doing this and was wondering what negatives or positives you have seen by doing this (either hosting their postings or having an XML feed of your postings going to their site).

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Unfortunately I have found to be arrogant and unresponsive.
I started using their feeds last year. They were popular with some of the
traffic to my site,, which is a small, niche site for
writers, editors and so on.

At some point their auto bot started zeroing out my earnings because
it detected something I wasn't doing right. I had accumulated $2100 in
my account to that point. So I tried to figure out what the problem was. It
seems that as the feeds got popular I started putting two and three job feeds
on one page, apparently a no no. I had to figure that out because I didn't get any
answer to four seperate e-mails I sent to their customer service. I went back
and took the feeds off and again inquired but got no answer.

I also wanted to run some of the ads I post on so filled out the
form and heard nothing. I'm beginning to suspect that they are cherry- picking
their affiliates and if they aren't reaching a certain level of traffic they just drop
the affiliate. They have the right to do so but the impression they leave is not
a good one.

They still owe me $2100. The money might not be that much but
the principle is the important thing here. is a small site but
it has a good reputation among writers and editors. I was interviewed last year by a
reporter from the Wall Street Journal about freelance opps on-line and I'm going to
contact her to see if she's interested in developing a story about these sort
of affiliations. In the last few weeks I've gotten two other large feed type offers from
job sites.

I also see the CEO of is showing up in SF for
the ONREC conference in Sept. I'm going to make an effort to meet with him and hand
him an invoice for the money. As Trump always says, "talk to the boss." These
other people at won't communicate at all.

I think it's a young, aggressive company that sees itself as the next
potential Google and god bless them for it. But, I don't appreciate the treatment I've
gotten from them and don't recommend them on that basis. I'm only one guy.

The other thing is that while they feed off a lot of publishers many of the
feeds don't match the job title and it gets to be rather tiresome to go through them.

I really have nothing personally against them. It doesn't make any sense to me that an
affiliate that is getting them traffic and traffic
that is happy for the feeds is treated so poorly. I mean, if I were a cynical guy I'd say
they are telling me, "thanks for the traffic, the click throughs but you don't make the
grade....see you later."

And the last I looked in my account on their site they still say they owe
me $2100! They say that, I don't.

Haha. So, maybe it's an incompetent company rather than a sinister one.

Good luck.
I filled out the form for the sponsored ads and i never got a response.
Indeed is the best source of traffic for my job board
So, I think it's usually good idea to upload jobs from your job board to

What do you mean under "hosting their postings"? Is it possible to host postings from Indeed on our job boards?
Yes there's an option to have a tab on your page that will have all specific postings up on your site and indeed will pay you for the direct traffic.
Its additional traffic to your site, ... aint nothin' wrong with that.
We use a combination of Feeds into Indeed's Job Search Engine as well as PCP Keyword and Sponsored Jobs and have found it to be very sucessfull. We dropped Google PCP in favor of Indeed and still get plenty of organic traffic from our job boards, community site, along with our Social Networking community pages and blogs.

We do not feed free posts into our job boards. Our niche job boards post a total of 17,000 jobs from our employers across all Allied Health disciplines: | | | |

We also feed into Jobster, Simply Hired, JuJu, Oodle and a handful of other smaller sites. Feeds should be a part of any job boards online marketing campaigning.
It's additional traffic I agree, however time users spend on my site was much lower than organic or ppc visitors. Still I think Indeed is the best job search engine, and they're very helpful in setting up your site with xml feeds.
Indeed is free... so it's within anyones budget, as long as you can create an xml feed.
The number of click thrus and conversions of resumes or applicants is then up to you, the site owner to convert.
They can only get traffic to you.

I have had nothing but great experiences with Indeed.
We do both PPC and Organic postings with them.
Indeed has been great for us, as far as distributing an XML feed to them and working with them on their PPC programs. We've found their traffic to result in strong conversions to registrations and applications (not just clicks to our site). I think the negatives seem to be more on putting their jobs on your site and getting paid by Indeed-- I have not done this.
This in relation to the comments I made earlier about and
my problems with them. Those problems have been solved,
has paid the full amount of money owed to me, I am satisfied and feel
that it is an honorable company.

As a writer and one who has a job board for writers and editors, it is
continually fascinating to me how communications is at the core of business and life.

It is the key to everything!

Thanks to any person with Jobboarders or elsewhere who helped
expedite this! Much appreciated. My trust in your company has been restored.

Would you share more details about your story?
1) Why did they postpone your payments in the first place?
2) Are you welcomed to continue your "Indeed Job Roll" campaign?
It's a long story. Basically, once the feed got popular and people were
requesting the feeds I started to put a feed for "writer" "copywriter" and
"editor" on heavily trafficed pages. That was apparently a no-no which the
bot discovered. The problem I had with was purely one of
communication. I just couldn't get any response to my questions about what
to do, how to rectify the situation, to help a poor shlep such as myself do right
for, their advertisers, and my traffic.

It's a young, ambitious company and these things happen. I've worked in plenty
of corporations where things like that are routine. I don't blame them and, in fact,
have nothing but good feeling toward them! Such is the power of money.

I am in the process of cleaning all my pages of feeds, going back to
my account and starting over and seeing if that works.


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