for those experienced job SEO question for benchmarking purposes

Can everyone share what percentage of total job board monthly searches do you track from organic search engines listings (exclude ppc)? I would like to benchmark what the SEO friendly sites are seeing from organic SEO traffic...
all responses welcome!

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Good question David, here's a couple of samples from two of my boards.
(online since 1999)

59% from referral sites
22% from Direct traffic
19% from Search engines (online since 2004)

45% from search engines
39%% from referrers
16% direct traffic
Chris, how do you define "referral sites"? Does it include Indeed/SimplyHired?
Yes, good question! I'm curious to see more responses.

For my board

50% Search Engines (Organic)
33% Direct Traffic
17% Referring Sites (6 months old)

Google (organic) 39.80%
Direct 15.75%
Yahoo (organic) 8.87%
MSN (organic) 2.96%
My site has only been live for about a month, but over the last two weeks Google has now indexed over 1,800 pages of the site.

The site,, breaks down as:

50% Search engine (a mix of organic and paid)
33% Referral sites
12% direct

I found that my indexing in Google really took off when I started publishing a daily updated sitemap.xml (see and hacked my job board software to include much more information in the meta description. Instead of the same meta desc, it now has the job title, category, and location.

Bryan, how do you publish sitemap.xml?
Do you have to push it to Google itself or you just update it on your web site?
A sitemap is an XML document which describes each page of your site. It is a standard which most of the big search engines have agreed on. My single sitemap file is used by both Google and Yahoo. I purchased a PHP script which crawls my site and builds the file for me. The one I used can be found at It was affordable ($20) and each to setup for me. Depending on how much experience you have setting up pre-built PHP applications, it may or may not work for you. They also have an online sitemap builder that is free, but limited to 500 pages an not automated (my auto script builds a new XML file each night).

You put the sitemap.xml file in the root of your web site, then you get a webmater account on Google ( and Yahoo ( When they ask for your sitemap file, give them the URL to your sitemap ( Both of them will then automatically check your sitemap file for updates regularly.

Good luck,

Thanks, Brian!

I finally implemented it myself.
But since I'm a programmer, I made PostJobFree's sitemaps not static, but dynamic:

+ site map index:
Interesting Stats from everyone.
One common thread seems to be the age of the job board.
The older a job board is, the higher % of traffic it gets from referrals, vs SEO etc.

I think there are a couple of reasons for this.
1. Established job boards have established revenue streams, and have invested in their marketing referrals, either through PPC, SEO, SEM, etc.
2. Additionally, having a job board domain when there was less competition paid off, because and SEO or Directory submission plans back in those days lead to many current back links and referrals from university career centers, etc.
GO (online since 1996)
Our stats are a little different because we partner with a lot of sites, and are considered an aggregator.
60% Referral
25% Search Engines
10% Direct

What tool do you use to get this statistics?
I use Google Analytics.
Yes Google Analytics... Free, easy to use.
We use Click-tracks and SmarterStats to track web log data, which is usually more reliable than javascript data.
We use Google Analytics too. Raw log stats are generally more reliable than javascript stats, but one very nice feature that Google has is cookie filtering. Since our office is on a dynamic IP address, I cannot filter out a single IP to prevent our own company from skewing the stats. Google allows you to set a cookie in your own browsers which will prevent your company's browsers from influencing stat counts. In this way, Google's stats are better than our raw logs.

Just another thought.



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