We are planning a major revamp of Diversity.com in '08. We would like your ideas and recommendations for designing a new site with newer - in demand service offerings for employers and job seekers.

Here's our offer. Please share your thoughts with us now through Thursday 10/18/07 and we will award a "chair" at the ERE EXPO Charity Poker Event to the person with either the best set of ideas and/or whose comments get the highest praise from others on JobBoarders. The "catch" is you have to be at the event to receive the prize. Runner ups will receive a set of Bongo Drums.. Yep, every job boarder should have a set - great way to relieve frustrations at the end of the day.

All comments will be appreciated but here are a few questions we would like to have addressed if possible.
1: If there were no diversity niche job boards were would employers advertise?
2: If paying for specific job positions were eliminated would employers buy annual unlimited posting/resume search memberships?
3:We think retaining resumes are more liability than worth..we think offering social networking would be better?
4: Diversity is no longer the code word for racial uniqueness..we live in a multi-cultural universe. Employers who are still seeking "minority" applicants cause me severe headaches! . These companies are truly lost souls. What are some ways to attract a broader base of multi-cultural,ability and life style job seekers?
5: We think there is a market for diversity recruiting in the UK and Canada. Do you?
6: The new Diversity.com will need sources of income to survive : what services should we offer to help keep the lights on!
7: If you were charged with finding the right web designer who would it be? why?

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