Hello everyone,

These are all the job board softwares i could find. Some are high end, some are low end, and some are free turnkey (which the hosting company gets a share of revenue)

http://nowhiring.com.au/ (these guys sell the software they use here. Just contact them.)
http://www.jobtarget.com/p/ board software?)
http://www.jobsinabox.net/ (same software used by the http://www.jobsgroup.net/)
http://combtail.com/ (nice quick job board for only 30 bucks!!, also mentioned on www.mashable.com)
http://drupal.org/project/jobsearch (some of the large job boards are made by using the dupal language)
http://www.edgeio.com/view/marketplaces (free turnkey job board used on a revenue share basis. This is what powers the www.techcrunch.com job board, http://www.crunchboard.com/)
http://www.broadshout.co.uk/job-board/index.php (cheesy looking, i know, but can be customized)

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Hi. Is anyone using or at least considered using Joomla for a job board website? I'm looking to replace the software I currently use. Thanks.
Could you offer your opinion of top five or so? Also, do you know of any job boards for sale? Many thanks. Larry
I can recomment xpandedmedia.com, we used them for www.jobbautomlands.se and are very happy with the result and their support.

Hi Christian,


when you launched your job board was it from scratch or you already had a CV database ?



Great list. Thank you. I'm doing research for a new job board coming up and this list has helped immensely.

What software do the majority of jobboarders use?

Does anyone know what software www.medjump.com uses? Thanks.
I know a lot of folks are using Jamit. It is easy to use and cost effective. I am building a new job board of it right now. Just started, but here is a link if you want to take a look at the site and see the functionality

Retail Jobs USA
Should anyone be looking for a full design, build and job board software solution please do not hesitate to contact me at www.websites4agencies.com.

We offer a hosted software solution that is currently powering an extensive number of live sites covering many regions and sectors.

Our group offer one of the most advanced pieces of Job Board software on the market and great eye catching designs at a hugely cost effective pricing structure.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Darren Curtis
First let me start off by saying I'm not promoting any job board software.
I purchased Jamit a few months ago and it's been nothing but headaches. The xml feeds don't format properly (others have said the same), they offer little to no tech support, their templates are outdated and difficult to customize.

IMO....Jamit is a waste of money.
Actually with Jamit it helps if you have PHP programming skills to get everything to work they way you want it to since you have full access to all of the source code. Even so, I have never had a problem getting a response from tech support or even getting help from other Jamit users in the forum page. I have been using the software for the last 8 months with very few errors.
Adding one more job board software - iViewXpress for Video Interview. iViewXpress offers video interview and video CV integration tool kits for job boards to set up online video interviews quickly.

For details: see http://www.iviewxpress.com

Recent press release: SalesGravy launches the first video interview enabled job board to connect employers and job seekers more effectively.

We have had nearly 20 clients switch over to us from most of these solutions. You can can checkout our solution here:
Job Board Software

We cost $199/mo and enable you to easily manage your job board while being SE friendly, syndicate your listings to aggregators, import jobs, setup pricing, post your own jobs through the admin and lots more.

We are used by many top niche boards (over 15 clients now and we just launched two months ago) like:

We will setup the board for free to the design that you wish. We consult you through the process as well.

Go to our site and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.


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