Hello everyone,

These are all the job board softwares i could find. Some are high end, some are low end, and some are free turnkey (which the hosting company gets a share of revenue)

http://nowhiring.com.au/ (these guys sell the software they use here. Just contact them.)
http://www.jobtarget.com/p/ board software?)
http://www.jobsinabox.net/ (same software used by the http://www.jobsgroup.net/)
http://combtail.com/ (nice quick job board for only 30 bucks!!, also mentioned on www.mashable.com)
http://drupal.org/project/jobsearch (some of the large job boards are made by using the dupal language)
http://www.edgeio.com/view/marketplaces (free turnkey job board used on a revenue share basis. This is what powers the www.techcrunch.com job board, http://www.crunchboard.com/)
http://www.broadshout.co.uk/job-board/index.php (cheesy looking, i know, but can be customized)

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We make every effort to reponding to the massive number of inquiries - my apologies that you have had that experience.

Please call me at your earliest convience and I can make sure that we get you the information you would like.

Ethan Bloomfield
VP, Sales
860-440-0635 ext 321

I think you need to try this  job board softwarehttp://www.enginethemes.com/themes/jobengine/

Demo here: http://demo.enginethemes.com/jobengine/

Another job board software focus on functions, it's too old. Jobengine focus on the UI/UX, it's really really nice, try and you will love it! 


Site look good. Might I make two small suggestions. First, the red text of the job descriptions on the job listing page is a little hard to read (large blocks of red text is a little hard in my opinion).

Second, your use of term "My CareerBuilder" and the similarity with their top toolbar might get the attention of CareerBuilder.com. Maybe, maybe not, but they are a fairly big company and probably have more lawyers than you.

Must be a difference in our screens. The text looks more red than orange on mine. The name of the agency and the more link are very orange on mine, but not the job description, it looks red.

I think the real issue is that the desc stands out more to me than the actual job title in blue. You may want to make the job title bold or something to try to stand out more.

Best of luck,

You missed the one we use call http://www.jobboardsoftware.co.uk, this is a UK job board software, made for the UK market.
Also check out www.ejobsitesoftware.com
Over 40 installations and built in ATS


What a list! But are some of them really a unique piece of code one could purchase? Like this one:

'JobsGroup.net™ is the UK’s leading niche online recruitment network.'

So is it really a software, or just a web site someone is runnig?

Ivan | www.JobsBlog.ie
I am looking for some guidance on the available job board engines out there. I am consulting for a client and they are looking to launch a new job board in Asia. They are looking for extreme flexibility in the package where they run it in different countries, can control content across multiple pages, upload existing profiles in the dB, and append information to the candidate profile on a daily basis.

Can anyone give me some insight into which products may fit?


Try JobMount at www.jobboardmount.com. They run my board globally.
jobberbase.com seems like an awesome solutions. I couldn't figure out how to implement it with my hosting account @ GoDaddy.
Hi David-
I just signed up for this site today and saw this comment you added last month. I'm very new to all of this and feeling a little overwhelmed, but I wondered, were you able to find a solution to your concern?

I'm extremely novice at this but would appreciate any information you could share.

Carol Albright
Carol, I recently came across some new suggestions to fix the problem. As of right now I have decided to just to another way: www.1GPeople.com

Jobberbase seems like a great tool, but I really want to test its functionality and customization options.


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