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These are all the job board softwares i could find. Some are high end, some are low end, and some are free turnkey (which the hosting company gets a share of revenue)

http://nowhiring.com.au/ (these guys sell the software they use here. Just contact them.)
http://www.jobtarget.com/p/ board software?)
http://www.jobsinabox.net/ (same software used by the http://www.jobsgroup.net/)
http://combtail.com/ (nice quick job board for only 30 bucks!!, also mentioned on www.mashable.com)
http://drupal.org/project/jobsearch (some of the large job boards are made by using the dupal language)
http://www.edgeio.com/view/marketplaces (free turnkey job board used on a revenue share basis. This is what powers the www.techcrunch.com job board, http://www.crunchboard.com/)
http://www.broadshout.co.uk/job-board/index.php (cheesy looking, i know, but can be customized)

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Try the demo on teh JB site: http://www.jobberbase.com/demo/. You can even login to the admin back end and play around with adding jobs or changing the themes. 



I installed JobberBase at http://www.Jobs-Ireland.ie and it seams to work fine for 30 days now. Some customisations helped it a bit. XML Sitmap submission to Google was the first thing I saw the site lacking, and now with it the stream of visitors is growing.

Still quite some work needed to make it a real job board, but not bad for a open source project!
Go daddy is horrible for hosting.. check out www.Total Choice Hosting.com
http://jobatronic.co.uk/ is powered by Jobberbase, which despite being free, is hugely flexible if you know PHP and Smarty templates. I don't/didn't but managed to get my head around a simple customisation. Would highly recommend a look.

E.D., I have updated your list here. I wanted to give you proper credit... Have you decided to launch a job board? if not, what dissuaded you?

I think you're missing some of the softwares that enable the searching & matching part in the larger or the more specialised job boards: Actonomy, Trovix, Fast, Autonomy.
And in terms of the data extraction software suppliers (i.e. parsing of CV's): Sovren, textkernel, daxtra, burning glass.
I'd like to add www.talentonview.com to this this.

Talent on View can provide an innovative service that lets you create and link short, streaming videos to your website, online job board listings or press campaigns. These streaming videos provide candidates with a unique insight into your business, from wherever they apply. Results have shown candidate responses to increase by 30% of candidates who are right for the job if they have seen interactive media. It is important to use this form of media to engage the generations who use visual media in every part of their lives.

Talent on View manages the whole process from video production to hosting and linking of the videos to your site / job advert. We can fully integrate our service with yours and if you use a Content Management System we can work alongside to give you the easiest solution to your video requirements.


Check out www.jobboardmount.com. Great SEO technology.
I want to inform you that the Scriptdemo team has just been released the new version of PHP Job script.
You can find more information here:
Demo link:
- front
- admin login admin/admin
This list is of great help.
Would be nice to have a listing in table form showing comparative features of each board.
Great list, we use parodia for our 4 sites and the guys are really helpful, the software is about 3K per license but thats all you pay - no cruel monthly charges or hidden costs.

suggest www.99designs.com for home page designs
great list
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