Hello everyone,

These are all the job board softwares i could find. Some are high end, some are low end, and some are free turnkey (which the hosting company gets a share of revenue)

http://nowhiring.com.au/ (these guys sell the software they use here. Just contact them.)
http://www.jobtarget.com/p/ board software?)
http://www.jobsinabox.net/ (same software used by the http://www.jobsgroup.net/)
http://combtail.com/ (nice quick job board for only 30 bucks!!, also mentioned on www.mashable.com)
http://drupal.org/project/jobsearch (some of the large job boards are made by using the dupal language)
http://www.edgeio.com/view/marketplaces (free turnkey job board used on a revenue share basis. This is what powers the www.techcrunch.com job board, http://www.crunchboard.com/)
http://www.broadshout.co.uk/job-board/index.php (cheesy looking, i know, but can be customized)

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Interesting thread......I wish I'd seen this before incorporating our job board!


The Job Board software we went for does not allow you in import vacancies/backfill. Has anybody got any suggestions for job board software that does this and is suitable for the UK market? We are a general job board and only UK based.


Any help greatly appreciated.

You're missing Jobberbase (http://www.jobberbase.com/) off the list - free and open source.


Also does no-one patrol this for spam? Seems there's plenty of rubbish comments in here that are simply about trying to promote oneself?!?!



Yes, I didn't notice before that there was a special place for Press Releases.  I make sure when I post to select it from the pull-down menu.  But I didn't know until my 4th or 5th visit that I wasn't posting in the right place. 

Thank you so much, I"m currently using jobamatic, and was considering working with other job boards too, in particular to highlight international job opportunities.  

Disclaimer: I'm independent job board software user :)

I would take Jamit off the list.

It became free but the owner is not responsive anymore and there are no updates in a long time.

I wonder if anyone did a job board software evaluation recently and is willing to share the results.


Glad to see you have JobThread on there. We just published an article about job board software and different factors you should consider when looking for a job board that will suit your needs. You can view the article on our blog here: http://blog.jobthread.com/job-board/job-board-software/ Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

We power our jobs board network with ThejobWork and we are happily growing...we work on saas basis not to care about the ITpart and focus on our business.




hai all,

Just found the forum today.  thanks to admin for approving my membership.

after going through some reading, I'm thinking of getting smartjobboard for my new site. it has all the necessary functions. should be suitable for my needs. the price is bit  high though. unfortunately i cannot find much review or comment from end users.  not even in the ED list.

so appreciate if any of jobboarders here can share his/her experience with smartjobboard.

thanks in advance

We just launched a new job board platform this fall www.JobBoard.io.  I had been running a bunch of Jobamatic sites for years - but grew unhappy w/ the platform, and new we could do better.  The platform is geared around running niche job boards.  Would love any feedback.


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