Do you have a quality U.S. based traffic job board for sale? Does it have quality organic traffic? Is it reasonably priced? If so, please let me know. Many thanks. L

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Hi Larry,

We have an exceptional job board and software set for corporate recruiting sites as well as public sites.

I posted it for sale a on the 16th.

Let's talk and I can show you the system on Go To Meeting.

Yours Truly,
Bruce Cassels
Hi Bruce, will review and thank you for responding as we search for sites with quality organic traffic. Again, thank you in advance. Sincerely, Larry
We are much like an ASP is structure and have multiple job board capability. Right now we run mostly in Canada with Corporate recruiting sites and of course this public site.
All sites feed to and then the jobs are distributed to indeed, simply hired, the beyond network, google base and others.

The owner of this software can open as many sites as they like with very little effort. The software can work for any industry on a niche basis or a general board can be created.

There is a good applicant tracking system with screening questionnaire capability and we even have assessment services built-in for those who choose to use them.

Hope this helps a little. There is a lot to show you if you are interested.

Yours Truly,
Good morning Larry,

Are you looking to only outright buy sites or are you open to being a strategic partner with a site? We are looking for a strategic partner/investor to help take our site and domain portfolio to the next level. Our first site is already a #1 ranked search result on most search engines and we have an additional 50+ domain names which we believe we can make #1 for their specific key words within a short period of time. Our portfolio also allows a strategic partner/investor to have access to internet sites in emerging markets and internaional locations hence creating additional sources of cash flow as those emerging markets continue their tremendous growth and also provide a hedge if the US economy does not turn around in the near future.

If you are open to strategic partnerships or investments please let me know. As well if you know anyone else who may be please let me know.

Best regards,

Simms Browning
Hi Larry if you are still interested in purchasing a job board please drop me an email at


I'm considering selling a caribbean site with couple other related sites. I get about 60k visitors a month but to be honest just don't have the time (or more importantly) the tech skills to realise its potential - I have had it for about 3 yrs now and although it still produces over $20k pa it was producing over $70k at one time.

Contact me if interested
Are you still looking for a job board to invest in/outright purchase ?
I'm looking for an investor to take to the next level with revenue sharing or ownership.

We don't have much traffic yet, due to a low advertising budget.

Thank you for your time.

Joe Hardacre

If you're up for a locally targeted job board here's your best chance. tagged along with which are based on job software. I'm selling both domain along with the job boards. You set to dominate the competition with just light seo work. Do some research yourself.

My most powerful keyword is "Hiring Orlando" which is searched locally over 18,000 times/month. And naturally ranked 2nd page for it.

My second keyword is "Orlando Jobs" which is a bit of a stronger competition with over 200,000 local searches/month, However still ranked top on the 5th page on Google with no seo work what so ever. I'm selling the sites to pursue other business interest, I'm willing to create you an account with the ads I have on the sites, or insert your ready to go ads for you.

If you are interested in this offer please inbox me or reach me faster at ""

We are  a UK based business looking for a generalist niche job board in the US. Revenue/Traffic not important but site structure is. 

1) Must be PHP/MYSQL

2) Must have a good location / job title structure 

Please get in touch 


I have a USA based job board with good traffic

It is custom developed with lot of features.. 

about 20K jobs posted

see if you have interest.

Hi Vinay - can you please message me with your asking price..

hi Dan, 

 The website has very good traffic and few revenue streams.

Please check

I am not sure about price, can you suggest your offer


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