I am a small player in job boarding, but I have had moderate success with about 15 job related websites with integrated jobamatic boards.  I'm great with SEO, choosing niche keywords, and content.  Some of my sites receive 13,000 visitors a month.  Now, I want to really expand.  I want to build  50 more job sites.  I am asking for your advice on the  most time efficient approach and low cost avenues. 

Do I stick with building sites with content and back filling Simply Hired?  What does the future of Simply Hired look like?  Do I choose not to build a site, but just use the jobboards themselves as a site?  What is Job Target?  Is it similar to JobaMatic?


Thanks for your thoughts.

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Jobtarget will cost you setup fees for each site so I'd stick with jobamatic for now...

Hi Penny,

I have experience with both. Jobamatic and Jobtarget are not apples and apples. Jobtarget is true job board platform with all the bells and whistles. Jobamatic is backfill. Panda as you know is lurking around trying to kill backfill. If you really want to build good sites you need your own jobs and good quality content. You can add backfill but there are some risks now. If you want to discuss adding a resume writing service to your job seeker offerings let me know. We have a generous partnership plan. Hope this helps.


I agree with Todd. If you are having long term plans of running your Job boards, then I suggest, you build your Job board. Since you already have traction in some of your sites, you can use this to enhance your SEO for your new job boards as well.

All the best.

I am having 3 job sites.. can we look into sharing of job posts 


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