Michelle Dyer, former actress now hedge fund employee, unveils a novel job board for actors looking for flexible, temporary employment to keep their careers afloat. SurvivalJobsForActors.com has partnered with JobTarget to revolutionize searches for non-performing job opportunities.

SurvivalJobsForActors.com answers actor’s age-old question: how do you solve a problem like unemployment? Finding short-term jobs with variable hours has always been a huge challenge for performers of all types. Dyer’s new site, in collaboration with JobTarget, is the result of her desire to devise an innovative Internet job board.


“I remember sitting on the floor of an audition asking friends for temp agency recommendations – I thought there had to be a better way. That night I went home and searched the internet, but couldn’t find a resource specifically for survival Jobs, so I created one,” says founder Michelle Dyer.


Survival Jobs are part time or temporary jobs actors take to help pay the rent, but which allow them the flexibility they need to audition. SurvivalJobsForActors.com listings lean toward job functions in non-traditional jobs like catering and promotional work – opportunities with flexible hours that lets performers earn a living and leaves them time to pursue goals in their main profession.


While actors seek these jobs to further their creative careers, employers say they also benefit by adding actors to their workforce. Creative professionals appreciate schedule flexibility and bring their charisma, ingenuity and friendliness to work.


"Actors make the perfect employees: they are educated, articulate, personable, creative and driven—and are grateful to use their brains in a work setting. The actors I have worked with are flexible in their hours, are always polite and courteous to clients and co-workers, and are incredibly appreciative,” said Lynn Altman, President, Brand Now.


SurvivalJobsforActors.com affiliation with JobTarget brings advanced features to the board, such as job alerts and confidential resume posting. Actors can create up to five different resumes, based on their various skill sets. Employers can search the resume database for potential employees or simply post a job opportunity on the board. Click on the Job Board navigation tab at http://www.SurvivalJobsForActors.com to view the board.


“Survival Jobs for Actors is the perfect marriage of my performing and business experience,” says Dyer, “They call me the connector, and I couldn't be happier helping actors and employers find each other.”


SurvivalJobsforActors.com is owned and operated by Acting Successfully, LLC.


For more information, please visit http://www.SurvivalJobsForActors.com.


Find us:
Twitter: @SurvivalJobs
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/SurvivalJobsForActors


Contact Information:
Michelle Dyer
Survival Jobs for Actors (Website: http://www.SurvivalJobsForActors.com)
E-mail: Michelle (at) SurvivalJobsForActors (dot) com
Phone: (646) 895-0731

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