Hello everyone,


For a couple of months now i'm running IctItJobs.com.

It is totally automated and pulls in the Indeed Jobroll , so every day fresh jobs!

My interest lies more in the resume industry and would like to sell this job board because with some more attention to it you can go big.

Indeed supports about 50 countries and for now it only pulls in the jobs for the USA.


It is totally build on wordpress so you can get it rolling in an hour!


If you are interested i throw in the domain ict-it.com and it-ict.com , two 10 year old domains.


For now it sets on Alexa at 3M , no SEO done , no marketing except for twitter.

Income is between $1-$10 from adsense and Indeed.


Any offer will be considered , as long they are reasonable...




The Netherlands

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it's honestly  worth no more than $100.00
Appreciate your opinion Jody, and if somebody would offer me this than i would be a happy man
I know it is not the prettiest but its a handy addition to an exhisting job board

Yeah no worries. If you can get your revenue up it will increase in value. Just remember that most people will offer you REVENUE*10 for the site. It is a good looking site and it does have potential. I would start writing content for it or at least pull in a few feeds of rss so you can get some sort of SEO going on for job related keywords and would give reasons for people to keep coming back to your site for job hunting advice, news, etc.


Good Luck.





Hi Jody,


As i already mentioned is that this site is based on a wordpress theme , and within 3 months this site will get a great update with employer profiles , search agent and a jobseekers area.

I will import some ict/it related blogs for seo, maybe this will help me a bit in the search engines.


Right now i am busy with a programmer for making resume cv/software so this website must wait a bit...


Thanks for your advice(s) , much appreciated


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