If you know of job boards or job board URL's for sale, let me know.
We are open on industry, will consider any niche.
You can respond here or email me at blakenations@gmail.com.

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Hi Blake,

I am open to selling the domain name jobspeed.com

I also might be interested in selling www.findjobz.com, a general job board.
It's only been live for less than one year.

traffic stats:


Thank you,

Joe Hardacre
Hello Blake, I know that this listing is OLD but Are you looking to buy job board domain name? Ralph

Hello Blake,


I am new here because i want to learn more about the jobboards.

For myself i have made IctItJobs.com/Ict-It.com , it's build on Wordpress and it automatically pulls the ICT/IT jobs from the Indeed feed. I havent done any type of marketing except for twitter but it does well in Alexa (3M) without doing anything so far. No income except a few bucks from Adsense.

I am willing to sell as my interests are in the resume/cv area. 



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