With over 50 million handsets sold globally, JobServe today announced the first fully featured Job Application system to be released on the iPhone.


With no clumsy web pages to navigate, candidates are able to apply for a job(s) directly from the app.


Commenting on the release of this new iPhone app, James Wren, JobServe's General Manager (Search Products & User Experience) said "candidates are now able to apply for jobs in as little as two taps"


The JobServe iPhone app is totally free and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.


"To fully use the app you will need to activate your JobServe account (if you don't already have one) by registering and uploading a résumé via a standard web browser.


Existing candidates can email a résumé directly to their JobServe account.


All the details for how to start applying for jobs are provided on the iPhone app", said Wren.


"Having registered and confirmed your eligibility, if you have previously answered all required questions, you can simply review your earlier answers and tap 'Apply'.


Changing or adding missing answers is easy using our step-by-step process", Wren added.


This iPhone app fully complements the application system provided on the JobServe website.


Wren concluded "I am sure this will be a popular app. It allows job seekers to both easily search and apply for their next job wherever they are."




About JobServe

JobServe Canada was formed in January 2007 as the result of the acquisition of JobShark.com, Canada’s largest independent job board.

With its Canadian headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, and its global headquarters in Essex, UK, JobServe also has offices in the USA, Australia, and Thailand.


JobServe was the world’s first Internet Recruitment Service, formed in late 1993 by Robbie Cowling. In 2006 JobServe launched JobServe Mobile, with a simplified job search and apply function suitable for mobile phone browsers. Version 1 of the iPhone job search app was released in November 2009.


JobServe is part of the Aspire Media Group. For more information please visit www.jobserve.ca or www.aspiremediagroup.net

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We work with a large number of job boards in the UK, we delivered both Monster and Total Jobs iPhone apps.

I always thought the kill may be application via the phone. It felt a neat service from a technology perspective.

But the candidate experience gurus, the recruitment consultants and the HR Directors all disagree with me! (As such our app does not offer in app applications).

Why - surely not - I hear you scream?

1. The job board invented a new problem in recruitment - too many applications - too much garbage. Do we really want to further increase this? Individuals who need a job can too easily apply for lots of vacancies. Multiplying this problem by making it mobile does not help the industry. At a time when Job Boards are being pressured, when social recruiting is a threat, increasing quality and service is important not quantity.

2. The candidate experience is not improved. Will the candidate write a suitable cover letter? Will they put the correct thought into the process? Or will it encourage candidates to rush the application? Writing 140 characters on the move is one thing - writing an cover letter is another. The cover letter will be full of text speak!
To add to my earlier comment- JobServe, Well Done. I may be unsure about in app applications, but I am very pleased to see more recruitment iPhone apps.

Great work - Are you going to Google phone or Blackberry next? I will blog some thoughts on this as to why it should be Google - at the moment!
It is interesting to see the comments regarding in-app Job Applications and the feeling that this could cause less than ideal applications to be made. I agree there will always be the few job seekers that rush an application through without taking due care. However I am not sure that this is made any more worse using a mobile device than a user using a PC. In the busy lives of job seekers they can easily have as little time to apply while at their PC as they do via their mobile.

We have approached the job application functionality on the iPhone from two key perspectives. Our Candidates expect it, in the tough employment market we have found ourselves in globally, job seekers are in a First come-First Served world. The ability to apply for jobs while on the move can make the difference. We have taken our exact online application experience and relayed it to the iPhone. Your previous answers to questions are displayed, your CV is already saved, you can review and answer additional questions - but all the time we make sure the candidate is in control and they can easily apply for the role. For a more considered approach the candidate can email the job for later perusal.

The second key perspective is recruiters and finding the ideal candidates. Increasingly recruiters want to find the exact match candidates (wade through less responses) and are willing to pay more for "qualified" applicants. JobServe has a flagship Pay For Performance product, where recruiters can set up an application form to act as a filter for applications but pay for the best "passing" applications. The iPhone application system compliments this by asking all the questions, many of which are mandatory. What recruiters get here is a greater chance of connecting with the ideal candidate - the top job seeker who is using their lunch hour to search for jobs and apply.

By providing a full job application system to compliment the JobServe website and not succumbing to "lite" applications of a few hundred characters, we should increase the quality and not reduce it as this medium picks up in the coming months.
I really like the Jobserve iPhone app for its functionality. However, for a mobile, its layout and design makes it difficult to understand and use.
I'd recommend having a group of testers go through it thoroughly, to identify the flaws in logical progression of Search and Apply.
Unfortunately there are several job apps available that fail to consider these key usability points, and are leaving candidates frustrated as a result.
Full Disclosure: I produced the UK Jobs iPhone App for 1Job.co.uk, which has been the most downloaded job app in the UK since July 2009.
Are you sure it is the most downloaded job app? A couple of our clients get quite a lot of downloads, and Jobsite seem to have done very well.

Do you know of any where were these figures are transparent? Do apple share that information?
Going on the relative position in the download charts, throughout 2009, I'm surmising that UK Jobs was the most downloaded App. It won't be in 2010, now that there are so many other apps, and ours is relatively old.
I do, of course, know precisely how many downloads we have had, but I won't be saying the number out loud, for obvious reasons.

No one can dispute that UK Jobs was Number 1 in its category during last year, I followed all of the Job Apps in the last year as they were released.

JobServe launched its first version at the end of October 2009 in the Lifestyle category. If you take a look at lifestyle you can see it is quite competitive with many titles such as Amazon, EBay, RightMove and many "adult" themed titles.

JobServe was in the top 10 upon launch and has remained in the top 100 in the category ever since. I noticed that JobSite followed suit in adding their app to the same category and is doing well at the moment.

But short term gains are not what makes a good app for a job board but sustained usage by existing users and gathering of new users. Downloads are half the story but you need good numbers of jobs and iPhone apps don't drive that side of the business.

We are very happy with the sustainability of the app and potential it has with the other platforms in development, of becoming a core part of our Job Seeker engagement.
OK - Now I understand, my mistake I thought you were suggesting it is the most downloaded job app now. I totally agree you attracted great attention last year. (btw well done)

I have a query - is your app also in lifestyle? Our is, we put it there as a second category - iTunes seems to treat the second category with less priority? Have you found this?

If you want a new version with fancy new features - we would be happy to help!
Thanks for the offer Dave, but despite it's limitations, I believe UK Jobs is still the best JSE App available. We have an upgrade in the works, with additional functionality. Clearly a job board specific app can offer things our can't, like syncing with your registered account, setting up job alerts etc, but no single job board app has access to 350,000 live vacancy adverts, like UK Jobs. Even though we are now at our lowest chart level of 13, we are receiving more downloads now, than when the app was at No1. This is obviously reflecting the growth of the iPhone usage in the UK.

I only submitted it in the Business category.


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