Social Media is always something I will scream and shout about merely because I believe in it and have seen the results in other market places. I am keen to learn what everyone thinks about job boards posting each and every job opportunity through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook?

At we use social media to create hype around specific employment opportunities and we have seen an approximate 12% rise in the amount of applications since introducing the social media element to our product.   

What are your thoughts and how does your business use social media to better response rate or provide higher quality services to your clients?

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I think using social media is necessary.  Your social popularity matters to Google.  I use Simply Hired's backfill jobs on my websites.  They allow the publisher to feed their jobs to Twitter and through Twitter to Facebook.  This creates great content for your accounts and for your follwers.  Additionally, having a presence on those Web 2.0 properties gives nice backlinks to your website.


I was wondering if anyone had an answer to this question:  Does Simply Hired have a problem with a publisher posting a job board widget to a Facebook Fanpage?  I figured out how to add html to Facebook.  I contacted Support, but have not received a response yet.

Posting to social media is great and very beneficial to getting the jobs more attention.

JobThread has a service where you can do an XML/RSS feed with LinkedIn/Facebook and an automatic Twitter digest feed that will post a tweet about new jobs added to your job board customized to how you get it up.

I'm a bit late to answer (I just joined today :-) ), but on Facebook, I would advise against just posting the jobs there. Facebook (and in general social media) is there to engage the users. If you just post the jobs - I don't think that's going to help a lot. I would use Facebook to communicate with users and engage them in interesting discussions and also get feedback. Perhaps every now and then you can post a job offer there. But if you post every job offer and no one "likes" or comments it, Facebook sees this as lack of engagement and will rank you lower in the users timeline. Consequently, your job postings in the future won't be seen anymore by the users.

Perhaps LinkedIn and Twitter don't have this filter yet, but I would use caution when just posting the jobs on social media channels... it's not very "social".


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