I'm observing up to 40% less referral traffic from Indeed in the last month, even if my job boards are having more jobs than before.

I mean, Indeed is sending less traffic to me and this can be for a number of factors, but I wonder am I the only one observing this?


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It might not be that Indeed is sending you less traffic but that the users on your site are using it less either because they are unaware of the job board or it isn't being as strongly marketed to them as it was before.

Thanks Nate!

I had a slow start of the month in March, but then Indeed traffic came back to normal.

You're right, and also could be that some competitor was running campaigns on Indeed and getting more traffic than normal.

It would be interesting understand the traffic patterns of the job boards, like the more active months in the recruiting industry, the effect of end of quarters, holiday seasons, etc.




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