Our niche job boards focus on rehabilitation therapy professionals (Allied Health). PTJobs.com, JobsOT.com and JobsSLP.com are the key sites hosting over 15,000 current job posts and 9,000 regostered job seekers since 2003.

We promote through the job search engines, PCP programs, SEO, key industry partnerships (which include us selling expanded exposure on thier sites), email campaigns, social and professional networking sites, blogs, trade shows/job fairs, as well as our own community website and forums at PhysicalTherapist.com.

We have found partnerships, operating our own community sites as well as SN/SEO/Blogs to be most effective of all our promotional efforts and tend to be the least in overall costs. What other Guerilla Marketing efforts are other niche job boards using?

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We have our own Ning network called My CoolWorks (http://my.coolworks.com) to get our followers to share with each other. Lately we've also been trying out videos of both our employers and their employees. It's been a fun experiment.

Marketing, marketing, marketing.....

Kari :)
Hi Shiloh From Dublin,

We run 3 niche sites in Ireland catering for Sales, IT and Office professionals with 3 more on the way but am always keen to here whats going on the the US of A.

How do you find blogs in general for bringing traffic to your sites??

We are going to stop all non online advertising spend from 2008 as its just a waste of money, we are not coke or IBM so whats the point.??

What are PCP programs?

kind regards

One way i believe is a good way to promote your job board is by using Podcasts and Video promotion like YouTube. Chris Russell, the creator of this site, offers a great resource through his site JobsInPods.com. I am going to incorporate this into my own marketing efforts in the coming year.

Create a short Podcast about your site and offer your client members the opportunity to backup thier job postings with a Podcast. I see this generating a lot of exposure for job board and your client's hard-to-fill positions.


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