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Social Media, A wake up call for Job Boards

With the New Year's hangover finally passing, now, this is a big chance to try new things and look for the future.

Job boards are falling behind on developing the right skills across levels. There's an urgent need for job boards to re-evaluate their existing programs and conduct, and…


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Revenue in Jobboards

In general term 'Revenue' is the amount of money that a company receives from its normal business activities, usually from the sale to customers. It is the "gross income" from which prices are subtracted to define the net income.

Revenue = Multiplying…


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Recruiting Scams - Job boards beware!

I was browsing through the web when I found this rather disturbing article on Job interview scams in the UAE. 


The article titled Job scam:…


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9 out of 10 want to use their smartphone for jobseeking

This post is published with permission from the Mobile Recruiting News site.

We know that the Mobile Internet is growing rapidly. By now everyone should have seen the graphs and predictions highlighting Mobile Internet being equal in usage with

Desktops by 2014 – just 4 years away!

But do candidates want to look for jobs on their Mobile?

Our experience supporting companies…


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Mobile Recruiting Views from Electronic Arts

Mobile Recruiting is growing and developing rapidly. We are at the edge, about to be blown away with highly engaging Mobile based employer brand interactivity.

But, before we get too excited about mobile apps for the plc, what are people doing today?

Listen to Electronic Arts’ views…

The overview from Matt at EA is:-

  • Make mobile easy
  • People are already consuming newsletters etc on the move
  • Treat new…

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Next mobile job alerts...

Mobile Recruiting
Did you see our candidate mobile research last week? We released it during the #tbMobRec event.

If you missed it we put it on Slideshare for you to enjoy.

So what does the research mean?

It illustrated that many job seekers with a smart… Continue

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Mobile Recruiting [[moh-beel] [ri-kroot-ing]]

–verb (used with object)

to engage in finding and attracting employees, new members, etc through the medium of Mobile devices connected to the Internet.

Mobile Recruiting Defined

A dictionary style definition of the phrase Mobile Recruiting is not very enlightening. To first understand the phrase lets focus on the word Mobile. What does Mobile refer to in this context?

It is a… Continue

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TalkBack Mobile Recruiting – Are you Talking?

Mobiles What is TalkBack Mobile Recruiting #tbMobRec?

I want to hear what job boards, recruitment agencies and anyone in recruitment is thinking about or dreaming about when it comes to Mobile.

Internet has revolutionised the recruitment industry but the Internet is changing shape fast. In under 4 years more people will use the web on a mobile device than on a… Continue

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Mobile pace set, can you keep up?

Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile Internet usage is growing, not just slowly but fast as speeding bullet!

The latest Morgan Stanley research released last week provides yet more evidence that the Internet is on the move, shifting from the desktop, via the laptop to your mobile! The Morgan Stanley stats illustrate the Mobile growth vs desktop declination, they quote the Mobile to have… Continue

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Attracting Talent from all over the Web

By applying specialised search techniques, online talent search specialists are able to uncover passive candidates in the shadowy Deep Web - wherever they gather to work and play.

The employment market is generally categorised into three main talent pools, namely the unemployed Job Seekers, the employed job seekers and the passive (non-job seeking) candidate. By understanding the nature of these various talent pools, Recruiters are in a better position to attract the right… Continue

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