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It’s time for associations to exploit programmatic advertising.

Machine learning technology + analytics increase value + grow non-dues revenue.

Associations and advertisers are capitalizing on the power of analytics and machine learning technology to drive non-dues revenue and sponsorship value.

With improved online advertising technology, there’s an opportunity for associations to efficiently buy space for their advertisers and increase non-dues revenue. As advertisers add programmatic advertising to their digital marketing efforts,…


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Why Job Boards Should Follow CareerBuilder's Lead to Let Job Seekers See Recruiters' Activity - Or Not

Anyone who's used the Internet for job hunting knows one of the biggest frustrations is the "recruiting black hole":  You submit your resume to job postings and often hear nothing back beyond an automated e-acknowledgment of receipt (sometimes not even that), or you think you posted a great resume online but don't know which recruiters find it or what they do with it.

Earlier this month, presumably changed the game by announcing new functionality (…


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Recruitment Advertising: Your Next Online Revenue Strategy [eBook]

View this collection of the Recruitment ADvisor's most popular blog posts surrounding new online revenue strategies and learn how recruitment advertising can help you build new revenue for your digital publication. 

Download this eBook here: Recruitment Advertising: Your Next Online Revenue Strategy…


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More money: thinking about your job board's revenue streams

One of the most popular posts I've written is about generating revenue. So my readers are interested in making money - go figure! A smart blogger would have immediately written more posts about revenue (and I did write …


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Additional Revenue Source For Job Boards

Increase your revenue by leveraging your job seekers, traffic, social media, blogs and search engine optimization by operating a stand alone online resume and cover letter builder.

Easy to brand, easy to operate and set your own price.

Take a look:  Online Resume Builder

One time license fee and you are on your way to additional revenue.

Feel free to contact me, Joe Kane: …


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Online Resume Builder Software For Sale

Add a revenue stream to your job search site with an online resume builder. You can integrate and link to it from your job search site or you could use it as a stand alone offering.


You can see an example at


The application can be setup as a free service or you can charge a fee and process the credit cards through Paypal.


Individual licenses $999


Unlimited site licenses…


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Indeed, customer service, and job boards: a cautionary tale

Imagine that you’re one of the thousands of job boards thatprovided Indeed with job postings from its inception. Imagine that in addition to providing those jobs (which turned Indeed into the most visited job site on the web), you also spent money promoting those same jobs – thus providing Indeed with a lucrative source of income. Imagine that, in return, Indeed provided your job board with a stream of inbound referrals (both organic and…


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5 ways to screw up your job board

I’ve observed that approximately 90% of the music put out at any given time is just not very good. Much is mediocre, and some is simply appalling. Well, folks, this is true of many industries, and it’s true of the job board industry.

Why? Well, honestly, job boards are more complex than they seem, both in design and operation. Add to this the never-ending winds of change and competition, and you can see how a job board operator might hit a few false notes.

So in the spirit… Continue

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Does your job board need a logo?

There are thousands of job sites out there. If you spend much time looking at them, like I do, you quickly realize that many lack ‘brand identity’.

In other words, they’re forgettable.

Try it yourself. Go to JobBoardReviews or Google “your favorite industry + jobs” and see what you find. I’m betting that (after you get past the aggregator and Big 3 listings) you’ll discover niche sites that look and feel, well,… Continue

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How many job boards is too many?

It’s true: anyone and his or her dog can have their own job board. Actually, the dog could probably run the board, thanks to Job*a*matic (well, maybe not my dog – she sleeps too much).

How many job boards is too many? Peter Weddle says we have 100,000 or so – but only a small percentage of these makes money. If it seems like there’s been an sharp… Continue

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Getting a Job Board up and running


I've found that having a niche board and name that sells itself is critical. Can anyone explain the first few steps however to move from a beta site to a full board, such as what kind of developers and typical cost one should spend? I've seen quotes off market place boards such as Elance for about $4K. The name of my job site is simple and geared

specifically at MBAs that want to live and work in major citys. I'm not going to put the name up here, as this blog is… Continue

Added by Ben Philip on November 9, 2009 at 6:56pm — 2 Comments - Free Career Assessment - Looking for traffic ASAP!

Hello All JobBoarders! is a free career assessment tool and we have an almost unlimited budget to spend for job seeker traffic. We are currently partnered with job boards, recruiting firms, recruiters and other publishers with job seeker traffic and are looking to greatly expand our publisher base. Our current spend is $50k+ monthly and we want to spend more ASAP! Please contact me for details.


Greg Richman

Manager of Affiliate… Continue

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Roundtable #2 - 1 hr audio podcast

We had another great conversation yesterday, enjoy the panel with Joel Cheesman, Eric Shannon, Toby Dayton and Joe Stubblebine. Click here to download…

Topics discussed:

1. State of the current job market

2. The twitter job boards - just a fad?

3. Should job boards go mobile?

4.… Continue

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Looking for RevShare partners with candidates earning $60,000 annual salary and up


I am looking for partners that are looking to monetize their higher income earning job seekers ($60,000 annual salary and up)

I have a great program that converts extremely well.

Please contact me if you are interested.



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