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Job Board Journalist: Look Back to Go Forward

Long, long ago, back in the dark and distant past, newspapers made a fortune on classified job ads.  They were the principal way most people found out about employment opportunities.  They were also the principal way that employers identified talent.  What made the arrangement work, however, was a content strategy that broadened the definition of “talent” to include “most people.”

Newspapers offered something for everyone.  News.  Sports. Recipes. Arts. Automotive.  You name it, they…


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Startups Are Making the Rejection Letter a Thing of the Past

By Ryan Craig, Managing Director University Ventures

I’ve been rejected from some great jobs. In high school, I failed to win a summer job as a cabana boy at a luxury resort. After college, I was rejected by investment banks and from a plum teaching position in China.

Terms like “many qualified candidates,” “extremely competitive process” and “other applicants who more closely meet our needs at this…


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Job Board Journalist: The Art of Partnering

The debate is as old as job boards themselves: Do employers want a talent acquisition resource that is the best of its breed or a resource that covers all breeds even if any single one isn’t top of the line?  Are customers seeking the best niche site or social recruiting platform or ATS or do they want all of those capabilities integrated into a single system that is just good enough?

The answer, unfortunately, is that they want some of both.

They are being pressed to deliver…


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Job Board Journalist: Make Believe News from the World of Recruiting

Unfortunately, so-called “fake news” has become a serious problem.   Its fictional expansiveness, however – its ability to test (and push beyond) the outer limits of credibility – is something to behold.  It’s in that spirit that I offer this final post of the year on all the make-believe recruitment news that’s fit to tweet.

Honest, it’s true: Disney has just announced that it’s opening a new theme park: Job Search Jungle.

Supporting “facts”:…


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Maren on AI

Maren Hogan, contributing member Editorial Advisory Board

I’ve found myself struggling with the concept of AI lately. I have several clients who are working with the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, which means I am talking about it, and writing about it and having to relate these core concepts to more than just my encyclopedic knowledge of Terminator 2.

It’s generally admitted that AI is…


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Job Board Journalist:  Not Your Grandmother’s Job Board Anymore

There’s been way too much worried speculation recently about the future of job boards.

Yes, Indeed and Monster have been acquired by huge staffing firms.  And yes, Dice and CareerBuilder are reportedly for sale.  And yes again, Google and Facebook have been seen sniffing around the recruitment space.

But, job boards haven’t exactly been sitting still either.  Plenty of sites have introduced new products or services that make them more competitive than ever.  Here are just a…


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Job Board Journalist: Add CCM to Your CRM

Randstat’s acquisition of Monster Worldwide has once again raised the question: Will job boards be competing with staffing firms in the talent acquisition solutions market?  The short answer is “of course.”  In fact, they already are.  And have been for some time.

Job boards have been filling contract and part time employment openings – the meat and potatoes of staffing – since I first published my …


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Niche Job Sites Still Valuable as Legacy Boards Fade

By Roy Mauer,

Smaller, atypical job boards segmented by industry and region help target relevant talent but require more proactive work from recruiters to be truly effective.

Staffing firm Randstad's 2016 acquisition of an ailing Monster—one of the original behemoth online job boards—and indications that the sole remaining…


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Job Board Journalist: Add CAS to CRM for Bottom Line Success

A recent survey of HR professionals confirmed what job boards large and small already know: corporate recruiters are a transient lot.  For many, recruiting is simply a way station on the road to other (seemingly more attractive or maybe less demanding) HR functions.  It’s not a career or even a lengthy commitment.  So, how’s a job board to practice effective CRM?

All job boards recognize the importance of good customer relationship management, so it’s no surprise that each turnover…


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Job Board Shuffle

By John Sumser, HR Examiner

Currently, both CareerBuilder and Dice Holdings are being shopped. With the recent acquisitions of LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired, all of the big…


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Talent Bagel

Quick bytes with your morning coffee:

If you’re a TA tech company looking for capital, there’s a new source to consider.

Corporate participation in deals to HR tech startups is at a record high, with 46 deals totaling $781M in funding in 2016 (as of 10/27/16).  Read more here.  

Getting great content is tough; getting that content to your…


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Job Board Journalist: Job Boards Aren’t Dead, But Are They on the Ropes?

Recently, there have been a number of thoughtful (and thought-provoking) posts about the competitive position of job boards in today’s ever morphing talent acquisition marketplace.  One post in particular reported recent events at Dice and its parent company DHI to illustrate some of the challenges.  I thought it would be helpful to get DHI’s perspective, so I asked Mike…


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2017 ReSI Nomination Forms Now Available

The Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (ReSIs) celebrate the sites, organizations, individuals, products and services that deserve to be recognized for Optimizing the RECRUITER Experience.™

The ReSIs have been established by TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions, the trade association for the global talent acquisition solutions industry. Participation in the competition is open to all…


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The Technacious Recruiter: The (Artificially) Intelligent Hiring Manager

Tech Insights for the Savvy Recruiter

For many recruiters, the most excruciating part of the talent acquisition process is what’s called the “requisition intake meeting” – you know, that session where the hiring manager allegedly provides a clear and detailed description of the talent required for their opening.  In reality, it’s what Dante was imagining when he invented his nine circles of hell.  What might square the circles?  An (artificially)…


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Job Board Journalist: The Cure for Common Commoditization.

If you put 100 job board execs in a room and ask them to name the single greatest threat to their business, 99 will say it’s the commoditization of job postings.  And with good reason.  The market price of an online recruitment ad is sinking fast, thanks in large measure to traffic arbitrage which makes every site’s talent inventory look just like every other site’s.  In such an undifferentiated marketplace, price is the only way to compete, and that puts inexorable downward pressure on ad…


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Talent Bagel 110216

Quick bytes with your morning coffee:

A Growth Strategy for Job Boards: Be Niche & Be More

Contrary to popular opinion, job boards are far from dead. It all comes down to what job boards can offer to job seekers and recruiters. 2016 has marked the age of the niche job board, where increasingly individuals are looking to target a certain subset of people, whether that’s people who live in a certain county or are looking for a job in a certain industry, …


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The Technacious Recruiter: Add Employee Reflections to Employee Referrals

Tech Insights for the Savvy Recruiter

Done well, employee referral programs leverage the social media and other contacts of an organization’s workers to connect with high caliber, passive prospects.  In most cases, however, the resulting outreach is narrowcast to the specific subset of individuals appropriate for a particular opening.  While this approach does often generate applicants, it significantly underutilizes employee connections.  Using a…


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Talent Bagel: October 26, 2016

Quick bytes with your morning coffee:

A Way Outside-the-Box Idea – Robots as Recruiters

Robots aren’t biased – even unconsciously – and they can crunch a lot of biometric and other data, so are they about to supplant humans as recruiters?  Read more here

Turning the…


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Job Board Journalist: The Other Half of a Niche Job Board

The conventional definition of a niche job board is a site that specializes in a specific career field, industry, geographic area, affinity or some combination of those attributes.  That’s certainly true, but it’s only half of what a niche job board has the potential to be.  

The term “niche job board” typically refers to a site that focuses on a clearly defined cohort of either the workforce or the workplace.  It is, for example, a site that only posts jobs in human resources or…


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The Technacious Recruiter: Engage in Re-recruitment

Winston Churchill once opined, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”  That may now be the mantra of top talent, as they increasingly change their minds and go elsewhere after accepting an offer.  How can you protect yourself from this new recruiting plague of now-you-have-them, now-you-don’t?  Engage in re-recruitment.

Back in the tight talent market of the bubble, as many as four-out-of-ten new hires failed to show up on their first day of work. …


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The .Org Board

By Jennifer Baker

Association career centers face both formidable challenges and extraordinary opportunities thanks to the unique culture and values of the .org community. And yet, it’s never been more important to optimize their Member value and non-dues revenue potential.  In a column brought to you by YM Careers, Jennifer Baker, Director of from ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership, explores what it takes for career centers to overcome the challenges and capture the opportunities.

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