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My Takeaway from the Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (The ReSIs)

By Ken Levinson, CEO

On June 25th, I had the honor of attending the first awards ceremony for the Recruiting Service Innovation Awards. This awards program, established by the International Association of Employment Web Sites, is…


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Don’t Tell Me What I Don’t Want to Know

By Jeff Dickey-Chasins, Job Board Doctor

One of the problems with running a successful job board is…success. It is a liberating, intoxicating feeling: to get your business off the ground, to make money, to prove people wrong.

But…it also tends to make you think that you (and possibly your management team) are invincible. That you know more about…


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EU Employment Site M&A Booms

By Tom Ricca-McCarthy, CEO Madgex

“There has probably, in fact almost certainly, been more job board M&A activity in the last six months in Europe than the past six years. Having witnessed and steered through this period, it’s worth summarising what’s been going on.

The first major transaction actually occurred last year, which perhaps was the start of a few strategic moves and an indicator of what…


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Healthy Impatience – Do you have it?

By Jennifer Baker, Director

I was listening to the Marketplace Report on my local NPR station – one of my favorite ways to occupy my mind during my commute, aside from paying attention to the road, of course. An entrepreneur was being interviewed and the interviewer asked him if he was aware of his reputation for impatience. The entrepreneur responded…


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Forget What You Know

By Ethan Bloomfield, SVP

As most of you are aware I have been involved with IAEWS and the community for the better part of the last decade. I have come to know and respect many of you in this fraternity and have had the opportunity to learn from even more of you.

Learning never ends. It is something that we continue to do each and everyday of our lives. We learn…


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Dear Niche Job Boards: Stop Charging for Job Postings

By Kara Yarnot, CEO Meritage Talent Solutions

With the success of job aggregators like Indeed and SimplyHired and LinkedIn’s entry into the job aggregator space, employers are going to stop seeing the value in paying to post jobs on any job board.  

Many already have.  Indeed is already the top source of candidate traffic for almost every employer.  That fact alone has convinced many employers to stop…


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Enchanted Careers Would Love To Partner With You!

Enchanted Careers, LLC is a leading edge company that helps job seekers to improve their odds of being hired faster, helps recruiters and companies to recruit more efficiently and effectively online, and represents many outstanding products and services created by our partners.

Enchanted Careers' flagship…


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The Mobile Mess Part I

By Chris Forman, CEO StartDate Labs

For this week, let’s zoom in on the “Mobile Issue”.

Our research shows that the click-to-apply (CTA) ratio across all devices is 8.25%. On mobile devices, the CTA averages 1.5%. With the notable exception of the transportation industry - which has invested substantially in making mobile applies work - the discrepancy between mobile and desktop CTA cuts across…


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Giving Away Your Job Board Business One Click at a Time

By Manuel Francisci, CEO jobWings Careers, Inc.

In the beginning, job aggregators (called job search engine at that time) were either sued for stealing content ( vs. Cadremploi in 2001) or bought out to avoid their potential disruptive effect on the market of well-established players (Monster buying FlipDog in 2001 after it ranked #5 in less than a year).  A while later, job boards started to enjoy…


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The Gap Between You and Your Team

By David Lewis, CEO

As a first time business owner, I have learned a great deal over 13 years…and counting. One of the more important lessons has been to not let the gap between me and my staff grow too large. Specifically I find it important to regularly connect with members of my team, business wise and even with casual banter, as a way to keep my finger on the pulse of my operation.…


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2014 ReSIs Winners Named

The winners of the 2014 Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (the “ReSIs”) were announced at a Gala Awards Reception in Orlando, Florida on June 25, 2014.

The ReSIs recognize recruiting and sourcing products and services that “optimize the recruiter’s experience” – that enable and empower recruiters to perform at their peak so they can “optimize the candidate’s…


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Social Recruitment – What’s the Real Story?

By Gal Almog, Founder & CEO RealMatch

There has been a lot of noise lately revolving around the concept of “Social Recruiting” – the ability to hire candidates through your company’s established social media channels. However, it’s puzzling to see such buzz around the topic of social recruiting with little data to support its effectiveness.  

CareerXRoads, the prominent HR consultancy company,…


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Employment Sites Should Remake Themselves Into “Careersteads”

By Peter Weddle, Executive Director IAEWS

Since their first appearance in the 1990s, job boards have largely limited the content they offer to job seekers to information about the principles and practices of effective job search.  Typically, sites have addressed such topics as effective resume writing, interviewing and, occasionally networking and salary negotiation, but very little else.  This content…


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Interviews with Industry Leaders

Ted Daywalt, CEO & President

By Ken Levinson, CEO

For my biweekly columns, I’ve decided to interview those voted the best of the best in our industry. These are professionals that we should all know, and we can all learn from. Thanks Ted for your time and thoughtful responses.…


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Data Watch – The Finale

By Jennifer Baker, Director

When it comes to maintaining a commitment to data-driven strategies, the third leg of the stool (see my last posts for the other two) is having effective processes in place for taking action on the data.

As I scan the case studies…


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A Brief History of Online Job Boards since 1995

By Sara Sutton Fell, CEO

It’s hard to believe I started in the online job board industry almost 20 years ago--back when job boards were literally boards tacked with paper job descriptions, hanging outside college career offices and staffing agencies. Or binders full of faxed job postings. Or classified ads in the newspaper. A lot can change in 20 years.

After starting two job…


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Syndicated Content for Job Boards

Unfortunately, a lot of the content found on employment sites these days is undistinguished at best and downright boring at its worst.  The articles and blog posts do absolutely nothing to differentiate a site’s brand or even to persuade visitors to come back for more.

If you’d like to upgrade the content on your site, consider WEDDLE’s Content Syndication Program.  It provides an original column every two weeks for one…


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Don’t Be the Victim of a Customer’s Quality Metrics

By Kara Yarnot, CEO Meritage Talent Solutions

Corporate talent acquisition leaders are obsessively focused on quality these days.  They are measuring quality of hires and quality of candidates.  They are evaluating their vendors based on these measures.

The problem is that there is no universal, agreed upon definition of “quality” in the recruiting world.  Ask 10 recruiting leaders to define “quality…


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Smart Email Subject Lines Increase Profitability

By Chris Forman, CEO StartDate Labs

In the job board space, a strong email campaign can make all the difference. How?  With a good email campaign, you improve engagement and in turn, profitability. In my last column, I addressed the importance of using the right email service provider. This week, I’m focusing on how StartWire A/B tests to improve engagement.

The key to StartWire’s strong email…


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Cutting Jobboarders’ Annual Review Stress

By Tony Lee, Chief Alliance Officer Adicio

Going to the dentist. Having the middle seat on a long flight. Sitting through your next performance review, whether you're the one giving it or getting it.

What these events have in common is that few of us look forward to any of them, performance reviews especially. If you are good at reviewing others and have a solid history of providing effective appraisals,…


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Agency Acumen

By Cindy Songne, Simply Hired

Recruitment advertising agencies remain a valued partner of many corporate recruiting teams and continue to play a significant role in the development and implementation of their sourcing and recruiting strategy. Cindy Songne, Senior Director Agency Relations at Simply Hired, has served as the liaison between job boards and these agencies for many years. Her biweekly column will explain the role, practices and business model of agencies and the best approaches to developing a sound business relationship with them.

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Dissecting Big Data

By David Bernstein, eQuest

While metrics and analytics have always played a role in recruitment, it wasn’t until the advent of Big Data that recruiters and employment sites began to consider how best to acquire and exploit the huge volume of data now available.  David Bernstein, Vice President of the Data Analytics Division at eQuest, has been at the forefront in thinking through these issues.  His biweekly column will examine emerging opportunities and best practices for leveraging Big Data to make decisions and take actions that are better informed.

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