Are you a niche job board owner struggling to make your site profitable?

Do you need to design a better user experience or improve your SEO rankings?

Still deciding which job board software to use?

Well, Chris Russell may have the answers you seek. Chris is the founder of Jobboarders and has been in the online employment industry since 1999. His ten years of experience running the regional job network can be invaluable if you seek his advice.

Recently he helped Kelley Smith, owner of based in Texas. Listen to what she says at the end of the call;

She's quoted as saying "my head is swimming" and "way more than my money's worth".

If Kelley liked it so will you.

For the price of $199 I will conduct a 1 Hour conference call with you where you can ask me anything you like. Feel free to submit a list of questions ahead of time to speed things along. I will also spend some time before the call "auditing" your web site and come up with a list of recommendations from design to SEO.

The entire call will be recorded and you will be supplied with an MP3 recording of it with 24 hrs.

The fee is payable by PayPal or Credit Card.

I stand behind my advice and guarantee you'll get your money's worth.

To get started contact me through this web site or by calling me at (800) 399-6651 x101.

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Comment by Niall Kelly - Dublin Ireland on April 9, 2009 at 11:27am
Chris, big time congrats - what a simple clever and affordable idea,

I will be booking an hour of your time in the next few weeks as we are revamping 2 of our 4 niche sites,

well done,

Comment by Joe Hardacre on January 5, 2010 at 8:02pm
Mr. Russel,
Are you at all interested in growing a new job board in exchange for a % of equity ?

I own and am looking for someone to help grow it.

Joe Hardacre
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