Looking for Job Search Engines or Aggregators Interested in Indexing our XML Feed

My name is Matt Blevins and I'm with Locate Jobs Network.


I would like to hear from companies, job search engines and aggregators interested in indexing our XML feed, available online here: http://www.locatejobsnetwork.com/feed/. Note that we can accommodate almost any XML or RSS format, so if there is a specific schema required for crawling our feed, we can modify this to comply.


I'm also currently conducting research on job search engines, job aggregators and classified sites interested in indexing job feeds in general. I'm writing both to share what I've learned as well as to elicit any comments or experiences that any of you may have to share. I've just begun this process this week, so this should provide a relatively good, updated overview of what's out there, though I certainly may have missed something.


1) Indeed


While I believe Indeed may have once indexed jobs via XML from job boards, I have learned this week that they are now only indexing feeds from direct employers. Job board operators will have to sponsor their jobs (minimum of $.15 per click) in order to be fully indexed in this manner. My experiences with Indeed have always been positive, so I have no reason to believe that their sponsored jobs program would be any different.


2) SimplyHired


SimplyHired, like Indeed, has its own XML specification and by all indications they will index an XML feed of jobs without a sponsor/paid agreement. However, if the jobs that are posted to your board are also posted elsewhere, and those jobs have been indexed in SimplyHired via a feed from the other source, it is possible (likely, I imagine) that your feed will not be accepted. I received an e-mail that referenced some very vague "quality content guidelines," though I have received no word on what those guidelines actually are. I've e-mailed SimplyHired asking for clarification on this point, but have not yet heard back from them.


3) JuJu


I submitted a properly formatted feed to JuJu this week and received word back fairly quickly that I could "sponsor" my jobs in order to have the XML feed indexed. This led me to believe that JuJu will only accept paid jobs at this point, though when I asked for clarification on this point, no further information was forthcoming. I'm still following up on this with a JuJu representative.


4) Trovit


As a classified site that features ads for jobs and other items, Trovit doesn't necessarily fall into the same category as the aforementioned, but seems to potentially be a valuable partner nonetheless. I have received excellent customer service from Trovit and our feed (again, designed to a specific standard) is in the process of being added.


5) OLX


Similar to Trovit, OLX is a classified site that is not limited to job postings. The customer service at OLX has also been excellent (a true pleasure to work with). We have to make some modifications to our feed and our back-end database to create a properly-formatted OLX feed, but we will be doing so in the next week or so and, given the contact I've had from them thus far, I expect that things work out well.


6) Jooble


This is a French company (I think), but with a U.S. presence as well. Our feed was quickly accepted after being submitted. There are also paid options or "partner" options (whereby you must display a banner linking to their site on your home page), but free feed indexing is available.


7) JobiJoba


They are the only company mentioned thus far that has a default RSS specification (the others are plain XML). We have submitted our feed to them and, though I've had no contact with them, it appears that free feed indexing is a possibility.


8) CareerJet


I heard back from CareerJet quickly after submitting and learned that only paid options were available. From what I can gather, there is a $100 minimum for account funding and the CPC rate is $.05. I have not yet signed up for this, and I'm curious to know if anyone has any experiences with this company. they appear to be entirely legitimate and to have a fairly good user base. They are based in Europe (the UK, I believe), but also appear to have a nice U.S. presence.


9) Yakaz


I at first had difficulty signing up for a developer account here, but a contact via their online form was returned quickly and the problem fixed within one day. I then submitted our feed and was happy to find that it was submitted for review quickly and easily. We are not yet indexed, but I expect that we will be shortly.


10) TopUsaJobs.com


This is purely a paid option and, though I've not yet submitted a feed, I believe that this is an option for delivering jobs to them as part of their paid program.


11) Oodle


Last, but certainly not least, is Oodle, which features job postings as well as other classifieds (in a similar manner to Trovit and OLX). We've submitted our feed, and by all indications the free indexing option is available. Our feed has not yet been indexed but, again, I expect it will be.


Finally, I've read various posts on JobBoarders indicating that members (aside from those mentioned above) are also accepting feeds. Among them have been alljobsfilled.com and jobregate.com. To Bruce and Jody - I'll be following up with you shortly!


If anyone has any information to add, please feel free to do so and, again, we would love to know if there are aggregators or job search sites out there who would like to accept our feed of user-posted jobs.


Matt Blevins

Locate Jobs Network

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Comment by Jody Fitzpatrick on June 17, 2011 at 7:42pm

Hi Matthew


We are accepting feeds - however during this final transition I can not guarantee if or when your jobs will be shown on our site. This is due to us moving to our completely custom platform. But we are always and are still compiling  a list of feeds for our launch.






Comment by Matthew Blevins on June 18, 2011 at 10:45am

Thanks Jody - if you wish to index our feed, you can use this URL: http://www.locatejobsnetwork.com/feed/.


And, if the move to a new platform precludes indexing, no problem at all.



Comment by Chelsea Jimenez on June 20, 2011 at 5:01am
Thanks for including us in the list Matthew!
Comment by Matthew Blevins on June 20, 2011 at 9:34am
Wouldn't have dreamed of doing otherwise, Chelsea. And, of course, that excellent customer service I mentioned is coming directly from you!
Comment by Joanna Stefanska on June 21, 2011 at 5:28am
Thanks for the mention, Matthew! And, yes, we are based in the UK.
Comment by Ian @ JOBANCY on June 22, 2011 at 10:03pm

Matthew -- we're new and just starting to accept feeds on our site (JOBANCY).  Since we only focus on part-time jobs in California, are you able to provide an XML feed with only those jobs?  Feel free to shoot it over so we can get it up -- http://www.jobancy.com/contactus.html




Comment by Matthew Blevins on June 23, 2011 at 11:11am

Hi Ian - just responded via e-mail...



Comment by Alex Dadin on January 9, 2013 at 2:26am

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Comment by Mike Clark on September 8, 2014 at 3:03pm

Please add our feed and we will add yours. Here are a few different feeds that we have that you can use to add to your board also

Regular rss feed


simply hired feed format


Indeed feed format


Google Base feed format


zip recruiter feed format


Oodle feed format


trovit feed format


juju feed format


We specialize in hiring truck drivers so please add our feed for that section in your job boards. We have several subscribers that post jobs in our transportation section.

However, we do not have any subscribers that post in our other sections. So if you will please add our feeds to your transportation, logistics, trucking, or truck driving sections. We will gladly add your feeds to our other sections. Our other sections are blank and we need feeds for the others! Thanks!


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