Winning 2 industry awards within the 1st year of trading is quite an achievement and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping who have today announced being short listed as finalists for a further 4 OnRec 2012 Awards.

‘Being short listed as finalists this year is such a great testament to the hard work and support each of our account managers provide to their clients. We have significantly developed the CvWow product over the last year and as such are delivering twice as many products / services which means more choice and flexibility to our clients’. – Stephen Joell-Ireland (Marketing Director).

When asked what makes CvWow an award winning company Russell Crowe (CEO) stated that it was a mix between a perfectly well balanced product and the hard work and determination of his team. His advice to any organisation looking to win an award would be for the senior management team to engage with and listen to the needs of the client. ‘It is important to deliver a product and/or service which delivers over and above your clients expectations’, Russell explained.

Russell’s 5 Top Tips to ensuring an award winning service….

1) Engage & Listen to your clients

‘Proactively engaging with your clients means that you will always listen to both the buying and change signals. Many clients if unhappy are afraid to speak out and walk away at the 1st given opportunity, to avoid this you need to utilise the Kaizen theory, a theory which means products and services re always being reviewed’.

2) Ensure your clients feel valued

‘ Ensure your customers know how much you value their business simply by keeping in touch and thanking them’.

3) Coaching

‘The coaching of both staff and customers is key to ensuring high levels of service are maintained. One of the most challenging scenarios is when customer’s expectations are not managed in the right way; therefore coaching the customer’s mindset and attitude is key to maintaining a long healthy business relationship.

4) Fine tune

‘The Kaizen theory means that products and services can constantly be reviewed, adapted and fined tuned to make them better for customers’.

5) Be Prepared

‘Always ensure enough staff are at hand to be able to service any possibility. There is nothing worse when you call a call centre at a busy time and you have to wait in a queue for hours on end. Being prepared for any eventuality is important, you just never know what might happen’.

Stephen’s final word

Some may say winning an award is all about whether you have written the right thing on the entry form however that’s far from the truth. If you have a service and/or product which works and makes a difference then by all means stand up and shout about it. The CvWow product has won awards because it truly is a remarkable service, which can save your business thousands of pounds! If your company can stand out above many why not enter a few business awards and see how you fair, feedback from the judges allows you a true insight into how others perceive your brand.

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