Put Your Toe, Not Your Whole Foot Into Pay-Per-Click Recruitment Advertising

If you have considered utilizing Yahoo or Google AdWords, but didn’t have enough time to learn about search engine marketing, or didn’t want to dedicate your whole budget towards job pay-per-click advertising, we can help. With over 4 years in pay-per-click job advertising, we have been doing job search engine marketing longer than any other recruitment advertising agency, including Shaker, TMP & JWT. Our search engine marketing knowledge combined, with a patent pending process, allows you to recruit better, and more targeted candidates, utilizing pay-per-click advertising.

Our new pay-for-performance pricing can help you get started with a small investment in advertising to show you the value and capture both active and passive candidates using our technology. Here is a breakdown of our service:

No Set-Up Fee

Flexible Recruitment Advertising Spend – You Determine How Much You Spend & When

Track Job Keyword Spend

View Visitors To Your Website & Where They Came From

Target Applicants Via Location

Target Applicants Looking For Jobs At Your Competitors

Customized Advertising Message To Reach Applicants

Lower Your Cost-Per-Applicant Cost

Increase Your Employment Branding

Lower Your Cost-Per-Click

All of these options, including many more, are available by utilizing Sharkstrike Pay-Per-Click job advertising program. Stop spending money on job boards that don’t work, provide unqualified candidates, and utilize your money to brand themselves.

Want to learn more? Contact sales at: sales@sharkstrike.com and start getting quality candidates today!

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