TalkBack Mobile Recruiting – Are you Talking?

MobilesWhat is TalkBack Mobile Recruiting #tbMobRec?

I want to hear what job boards, recruitment agencies and anyone in recruitment is thinking about or dreaming about when it comes to Mobile.

Internet has revolutionised the recruitment industry but the Internet is changing shape fast. In under 4 years more people will use the web on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. Mobile is growing inline with Social and the recruitment industry needs to stay ahead.

My company has already lead the way into Mobile, we released the first UK job search application and we have helped nearly 20 UK job boards take their first steps into Mobile applications.

Now we have got this far, we want to help the industry reach the next level. We have loads of ideas what the next step could look and feel like – but you don’t really want us just shouting out the next innovation? You want to be part of it, you want your thoughts and ideas to drive this exciting space forwards.

This is what our TalkBack event is all about. It is 100% transparent. Everyone can see what is being said – online discussion is in the public Twitter space so you can join in easily. Everyone is welcome!

But it is not just online, next week is running the TalkBack Mobile Recruiting event. The session is quite exclusive, with only 15 attendees from leading job boards, recruitment agencies, publishers and our recruitment technology partners. We will be introducing new ideas for Mobile Recruiting and listening to the innovation from the industry.

But 15 is not enough, I want more feedback from the Recruitment Industry. So get onto two Twitter now and share your thoughts around Mobile Recruiting use the hash tag #tbMobRec.

Discussion on the hashtag will be bloged and discussed in the session as well as online. On the day itself we will be @Lesanto will be live tweeting and representing those who can’t make it.

It is easy, just tweet your Mobile Recruiting views and opinions with the hash tag #tbMobRec. We are listening and chatting now!

To help get you thinking about Mobile Recruiting here are a couple of thoughts:-
• Iphone app is a given – what about other devices? Blackberry, Nokia, WinMob7?
• What features are needed for job search? Jobs near me?
• Could augmented search work for jobs? Would you use it or is it just hype?
• Would you like a call me button next to every job so the candidate can get it touch?
• What about mapping? Is that going to be helpful?
• Should an app be just job search or is there room for more?
• How about interview preperation? How might that work?
• Would anyone watch jobseeking advice videos on the mobile?
• Why bother with an App – is a mobile optimised site enough?
• Is iTunes and Android Market a market channel or a platform?
• Do you need help on getting your app seen?
• Are there really enough users for this to matter?

Lets get talking now so on the 5th May the offline session can follow up the online discussion! Don’t forget the hashtag #tbMobRec

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